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Click HERE to see the latest journal articles and news about prostate cancer (PCa). You will have the option to execute pre-configured searches of the Medline database or see current news on PCa.

Patient Support Groups

News, Views and Reviews- Links to Quality Information Sites

The following sites have been evaluated and found to contain quality information. This does not necessarily imply endorsement of the Ablin Foundation. These sites are listed alphabetically

Site Name


American Cancer Society
Go to ‘Cancer Information, then ‘Prostate’
AMA Physician Select
Great directory of physicians, with brief profiles of each doctor
Bandolier - DRE?
An Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) site
Bandolier- Men's Health
EBM site; this is their section on Men's Health
Comprehensive collection of links to cancer sites (not limited to prostate cancer
CDC- Can We Reduce Deaths and Preserve QOL?
Patient-level information about PCa from the Center for Disease Control (1998)
CenterWatch Clinical Trials listing service. Designed to be a resource both for patients interested in participating in clinical trials and for research professionals
Combined Health Info. Database (CHID)
Searches for PCa publications (references only) from all health divisions of the gov’t.
Cryoimmunotherapy Update
Review of recent studies demonstrating the development of an immune response following cryosurgery
Cryosurgery and HCFA
Editorial by Dr. Richard Ablin regarding Medicare's reimbursement for cryosurgery
Dedicated to cryosurgeons, to enhance knowledge in the area of cryosurgery
FDA Consumer- No One Answer
Nice article about PSA testing and treatment
Fundamentals of Prostate Cancer Detection and Treatment
Great site- weighs the pros and cons of screening and treatment
Heal Well Prostate Cancer Resource Center
A resource with medical news, links to useful information, books, newsgroups and message boards, and links
Hypertext Guide to Prostate Cancer
A great compilation of information about all aspects of the disease, this site is well-organized and easy to navigate. Highly recommended.
MEDLINEPlus - Prostate Cancer
Excellent collection of reputable information about PCa. The information is not necessarily unique (it's all found on other sites), but it is well-organized and easy to navigate. From the National Library of Medicine.
National Cancer Institute
Plenty of things to see, including patient info., clinical trials info, and research resources
NCI's CancerNet
Includes PDQ clinical trials database search, literature, and monographs
NCI's 'Planning for Prostate Cancer Research'
Highlights the research opportunities and their potential costs that NIH has identified in the area of prostate cancer.
NCI Treatment Summary, Prostate Cancer (Physican-level)
National Cancer Institute monograph providing current treatment summaries for prostate cancer
NCI's "What You Need to Know About Prostate Cancer"
Patient-level on-line booklet about prostate cancer
Oncolink's Prostate Cancer Page
One of the Web's top cancer sites
Prostate Cancer InfoLink
Highly-rated source of information on all aspects of prostate cancer
Prostate Cancer Institute of NJ
Nice site that contains comprehensive yet concise information about prostate cancer, its diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes.
Prostate Cancer News and Literature
Pre-configured searches of Medline, Cancerlit, and news sources
Prostate Health site
Loaded with information, too much to list!
Prostate Pointers (Gary Huckabay)
Large list of links to prostate cancer information, well-categorized
Prostatitis Foundation
The Prostatitis Foundation- info. about prostatitis
PSA Rising
PSA-Rising is an independent prostate cancer community service organization. Their mission is to provide a self-help form of prostate cancer information, education, and support. This well-done site has a 'magazine-like' format but contains much more than just news and articles.
PSA Review (Ralph Valle)
Brief review of what PSA is and what the values mean
Screening for Prostate Cancer (CPMC)
Extensive review article from Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center
Steve Dunn's Cancer Information Page
Offers 'Cancer Guide', a page to help you research your cancer
The Prostate Cancer Charity
A UK charity, the Website provides useful information about PCa
University of Michigan's Prostate Cancer Home Page
Resource for both patients and healthcare professionals
Urology Health Center
Offers nice descriptions of various treatment options
Virgil's On-line Guide to Fighting Prostate Cancer
Virgil Simons' on-going summary of personal research, experiences, information from various institutional and individual sources.



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